Nanodiamonds in coatings

Chromium-diamond coatings

Composite electrocoatings on the basis of chromium with the Nanodiamonds are intended for hardening of details and tools, for manufacturing of wear resistive protective and antifriction coatings.

The coatings have the uniform micro crystal line structure, characterizing by high wear and corrosive resistance and microhardness 1100-1600 kg/mm² (11-16 GPa), by low coefficient of friction – 0,03-0,01 (in pair with steel at lubrication).

The technologies of coatings production are realized on the basis of stan­dard galvanic equipment with minimal changes in electrochromium pro­cesses and are provided the economy of materials and electric power at the expense of decrease of work surfaces’ thicknesses and the increase of current efficiency, the increase of galvanic lines’ productivity, the decrease of waste products per unit of surface area.

Chromium-diamond coatings – it’s a reliable way to the increase of quality and competitiveness of cutting and machining tools, pressing and punch­ing tools, details of friction units, medicine tools and other details and goods.

The consumption of UltraDiamonds at the chromizing is 3-7 kg per 1 m³ of electrolyte that provides getting 25-50 thousand m² of composite coat­ings.

The output of UltraDiamonds per 1 m² of coating (at the thickness of 1 mi­crometer) doesn’t exceed 0,5 carat (0,1 g).

The received advantage consists of increase of coating’s operation charac­teristics in 2-3 times and economy of expense materials up to 50%.


Composite electrochemical coatings on the basis of gold and silver with NanoDiamonds are intended for drifting on watch, jewellery, reward and other goods, and as well as on contact details in electro-, radio- and electronic industry. The coatings provide the attractive outward appearance of goods, the conservation of the thinnest details of relief and drawing, the long-term protection from any corrosion influences and mechanical attrition. It’s possible to receive of bright, semibright and mat coatings with different tints of metal’s colour.

The coatings have the uniform microcrystalline structure, don’t have toxicants, have the stable electrophysical properties in the contact details.

The technologies of coatings production are realized on the standard galvanic equipment with minimal changes in gold and silver production processes and provided the increase of microhardness up to 180-200 kg/mm² (1,8-2 GPa), the increase of wear resistance of gold coatings in 3-10 times, the increase of coating adhesion on 20-30%.

The composite gold-diamond and silver-diamond coatings

• these are the way to considerable economy of precious metals without decrease of consumption advantages of products, so as the metal-diamonds films are non-porous and non-faulty with the thickness of 0,2-0,5 micrometers;

• these are the possibility to protect very effectively and decorate various details and goods of technical, domestic, medicine and other purposes with the minimal cost rising.

NanoDiamonds are in 5-8 times cheeper than gold. The output of diamonds per 1 m² of coating (with the thickness of 1 micrometer) is 1 carat.


• NANODIAMONDS a component for composite coatings;

• Technologies and «know-how» in the field of production of composite diamond coatings on the basis of chromium, silver and gold.

Nanodiamonds in polishing compositions
Nanodiamonds in paintwork