Nanodiamonds in polishing compositions

Polishing compositions on a basis nanosized particles substantially raise quality of a processable surface, at finishing processing materials of elec­tronic, laser and optical technics values of microroughnesses of precision surfaces at a level of 0,5-5 nanometers are received that corresponds to a class of cleanliness 12 and is higher. Precision dosage of the chemical agents adsorbed on nanoparticles provides unique conditions of chemical and mechanical treatment without formation of microscratchs, sections of etching or other microdefects therefore the superficial layer does not con­tain dispositions of processing and elastic pressure.

Characteristics of the polishing composition

The size of diamond particles, nm

Concentration of diamond, %

Hydrogen parameter, units рН

The dispersive medium




Water, water-organic mixes

Polishing compositions are tested during chemical and mechanical polish­ing precision surfaces of various materials (silicon, sapphire, a pomegran­ate, fluorite, tungsten, other). Polishing compositions are successfully ap­proved at processing crystals of semiconductors (A4, A4A4, A3B5, A2B6,A4B6, A2B5, A1B6, threefold and fourfold compounds and epitacsical film), metals (Мо, W) - all more than 80 names, including fluorides of the second group, and also amorphous (SiO2) glasses, polycrystals, ceramics (AlN) and com­posite materials.
Nanodiamonds provides reception of the perfect, faultless surfaces and not intense surface layers with characteristics of a microrelief at a level of 0,5-1,5 nanometers.


a number of new nanodiamond modi­fications for free-abrasive polishing compositions for finishing and super-finishing polishing materials of electronic, optical and laser technics.

Nanodiamonds in electrocoatings
Nanodiamonds in paintwork